Don’t Forget These 3 Details When You’re Building A Deck!

Aluminum Fencing and deck

Here’s How You Protect Your Winchester Deck Investment.

Are you planning to build a deck in Winchester? Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, make sure you don’t forget these three elements:

  1. Codes & Permits: You need a permit to build a deck in Winchester – even if you’re just replacing your deck. Visit your local building department with your plot plan, the estimated value of construction and two sets of building plans that show the material type, thickness, and size. Zoning requirements can also play a role in the size and placement of your deck. Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, follow all guidelines to protect your investment.
  2. Materials & Hardware: Manufacturers fabricate decking from wood, composite materials and vinyl. Choosing the suitable material can make all the difference. Wood is the traditional choice, but it doesn’t do as well in areas with high moisture and humidity. We prefer Wolf’s vinyl line of decking because it repels moisture and requires less maintenance than wood. Many DIYers also neglect the critical role hardware plays in deck building. Make sure you use heavy-duty joist hangers, railing mounting brackets, and the proper length of screws.
  3. Design & Function: A deck can seem like an easy thing to build because it’s just a big square, but don’t be fooled. Think about how you’ll use your deck and the furniture type and placement before you start building. For example, plan where to place your grill, so it’s near the door into your house without taking over the entry. Also, consider if you want just a couch and chairs or a complete outdoor dining set.

Do you still have questions? Give us a call or stop by our showroom in Mt. Crawford, VA. Contact our friendly team to order materials and schedule delivery to your home when you’re ready to start building your Winchester deck.

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