Deck building in Augusta County can be a DIY project if you have the right know-how and quality decking products from Dutch Way. Learn more!

Composite decking is a great option for selective buyers who want practical solutions to typical problems of deck ownership. Find out why!

A new deck railing can overhaul the look of your deck. Replacing your deck railing is a great DIY project, and choosing the perfect railing is easy with Dutch Way.

Trex Decking Is Composite Decking.

Trex introduced their Trex decking product in 1996 as an alternative to wood decking. They were the first to provide composite decking in the industry, and their name is now synonymous with products sold by many brands and manufacturers. Many homeowners interested in composite decking ask for Trex decking without realizing that Trex is a brand. While Trex was one of the first brands on the market, many manufacturers have created similar products that exceed the durability and dependability of Trex.

Wolf Composite Decking: Long-Lasting Performance & Dependability.

There are numerous benefits to installing Wolf’s composite decking at your home.

  • Water-Repellent: Composite decking contains polyethylene that repels water. Since
    water can cause mold and mildew on wood decking, the addition of polyethylene can extend your deck’s life, making it a smart investment in your home.
  • Low Maintenance: You won’t have to stain or seal your deck every couple of years like you would with a wood deck. Plus, it’s easy to hose and wipe down to keep it looking great for years!
  • Color & Stain Options: One of the many advantages of Wolf’s composite decking is that you can choose from ten different colors to get the look that works best for your home’s style.
  • Fade-Resistant: Wolf’s decking is stain and fade-resistant. That means you can install your deck in a sunny location and host endless get-togethers without fading or staining.

See Your Options In Person!

We invite you to visit our showroom to see all the Wolf composite decking options in person. Feel the boards, see the finishes and talk to one of our experienced representatives to learn more about all the products we sell. Whether you’re working with a contractor or building your own deck, Dutch Way is the Shenandoah Valley’s top choice for composite decking that is similar to Trex decking. Contact us to learn more!

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Here’s How You Protect Your Winchester Deck Investment.

Are you planning to build a deck in Winchester? Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, make sure you don’t forget these three elements:

  1. Codes & Permits: You need a permit to build a deck in Winchester – even if you’re just replacing your deck. Visit your local building department with your plot plan, the estimated value of construction and two sets of building plans that show the material type, thickness, and size. Zoning requirements can also play a role in the size and placement of your deck. Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, follow all guidelines to protect your investment.
  2. Materials & Hardware: Manufacturers fabricate decking from wood, composite materials and vinyl. Choosing the suitable material can make all the difference. Wood is the traditional choice, but it doesn’t do as well in areas with high moisture and humidity. We prefer Wolf’s vinyl line of decking because it repels moisture and requires less maintenance than wood. Many DIYers also neglect the critical role hardware plays in deck building. Make sure you use heavy-duty joist hangers, railing mounting brackets, and the proper length of screws.
  3. Design & Function: A deck can seem like an easy thing to build because it’s just a big square, but don’t be fooled. Think about how you’ll use your deck and the furniture type and placement before you start building. For example, plan where to place your grill, so it’s near the door into your house without taking over the entry. Also, consider if you want just a couch and chairs or a complete outdoor dining set.

Do you still have questions? Give us a call or stop by our showroom in Mt. Crawford, VA. Contact our friendly team to order materials and schedule delivery to your home when you’re ready to start building your Winchester deck.

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Qualified Rockingham County Deck Builders Stand Behind Their Work.

When you’re researching Rockingham County deck builders, take the time to talk to multiple contractors and ask them the same set of questions. This will allow you to compare companies side by side. Here are the first three questions you should ask potential deck builders:

  1. How long have you been doing this? This question will get you a feel for their years of experience and set you up to ask about potential referrals you can contact.
  2. Are you insured? Reputable and established contractors should carry the appropriate insurance to protect both you and them when they’re on your job.
  3. Do you warranty your work? It’s completely reasonable to expect experienced deck builders to stand behind their work. Get the info before you commit!

Experienced Deck Builders Know The Tricks Of The Trade.

Handy homeowners can certainly build their own deck, but it’s important to be prepared for a longer and more time-consuming project. When you hire a qualified decking company, they have capabilities born from experience – which is irreplaceable. Here’s what you get when you choose an experienced deck builder:

  • Qualified Product Recommendations: Experienced builders have worked with different types of decking, including wood and composite, and can guide you to the best option for your home and budget.
  • Understanding The Permitting Process: A seasoned contractor knows what information is necessary to submit for a permit. They can handle all elements of the application so you don’t have to.
  • The Correct Depth Of Your Footers: Most decks must be set in concrete. An experienced deck builder will know how deep the footer must be in your specific type of soil.

Dutch Way Has Deck Builders Available For Rockingham County Homeowners.

Dutch Way is Harrisonburg and Rockingham County’s experienced deck building company. For decades, we’ve provided top-notch craftsmanship to our customers. Ready to work with deck builders you know and trust? Contact us today!

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Celebrating Virginia’s Seasons With A Custom Deck.

A custom deck is the perfect place to take advantage of the four seasons and mild temperatures of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Custom designs available. Deciding the option that works best for your home is a great place to start and gets you inspired for your next project!

What Are My Options For A Custom Deck?

A custom deck extends your living space and capitalizes on the weather and views of the Valley. Your options are virtually limitless, but some work best with the architecture and style of your home. Here are some details to consider when planning your next project:

  • Material: We recommend Wolf synthetic decking. We like the composite option from Wolf’s Serenity decking line but love the PVC decking even more. Virtually maintenance free, this material is stain resistant and repels moisture.
  • Installation: Hiring a professional installer is almost never a bad idea. Interview several and get comparable quotations. Want to do it yourself? Do some research to see if you’re comfortable installing your new deck. Remember, there are permits that need to be pulled and footers that need to be poured.
  • Budget: Discuss your investment with your significant other and determine the amount your willing to invest. Share your budget with your contractor. They’ll help guide you in the right direction.

Dutch Way Supplies And Installs Custom Decks.

The team at Dutch Way are decking experts in Rockingham and Augusta County. Our experienced team guides the process from quotation to installation. We’ll make suggestions where appropriate and detail your options so you feel comfortable with your investment. Contact a member of our team to discuss your options and get excited to entertain in a space personalized for you.

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Expect Clean! PVC Decking Eliminates Mold and Mildew.

Vinyl or PVC decking is a versatile and durable option made of PVC and acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate ASA resin that is used for residential and commercial decking needs. Dutch Way Fencing is proud to carry Wolf PVC decking that contains no organic fillers, will not mold or mildew and is insect resistant. PVC decking will not split, rot, and need not be stained or treated. Check out our gallery for pictures!

Long-Lasting Composite Decking Will Not Warp.

Composite Decking is made of a combination of wood fiber and plastic. It will not warp, crack or swell and is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and insects. Best of all, with the hidden fastener system, installation is quick!

PVC Decking Can Look Like Wood, Without The Upkeep.

Wood decking can be fabricated from different types of wood and has a much shorter lifespan than either PVC or Composite Decking. It can warp, rot and split and requires more routine maintenance such as: staining, sealing and pressure washing. PVC and composite decking options are available that look like classic wood decking!

Dutch Way Fencing Specializes In PVC And Composite Decking.

Dutch Way is proud to carry Wolf Home Products PVC and Composite decking products. We work with clients to choose the best option for their lifestyle and budget. With a 25 year stain and fade warranty, PVC and Composite Decking is a beautiful and safe option. Dutchway is proud to carry Wolf PVC decking with a limited lifetime warranty and Wolf composite decking with a 25 year warranty. Let us do the hard work and add value to your home.

Dutch Way Offers Professional Installation For Peace Of Mind, But Our Products Are Also Available For The Handy Homeowner.

We have qualified installers on staff that can install your dream deck quickly and competently. We will come to your home, discuss your options, and price the material and installation so that you have all the information necessary to make the right decision for your project. Want to do it yourself? Contact us for more information.

An Aluminum railing you can see through. Tired of railing blocking your beautiful view. CHECK OUT VERTICABLE

We are excited about new color options in Plank and T&G decking with Wolf. Now offering a 25 year fade warranty, as well as a Limited Lifetime on the product. We are also Certified Wolf Pros which gives you a 5 year labor warranty.