What To Know About DIY Fencing.

Vinyl Fencing

We’ve Got The Info You Need For Your Albemarle County DIY Fencing Project.

Are you planning a DIY fencing project at your Albemarle County home? There are so many elements to consider when planning your project. Check out these helpful tips from your local fencing experts at Dutch Way:

Permits & Property Lines: Even the handiest homeowner may not realize the legal requirements for adding a fence to their property. In Albemarle County, you do not need a permit to build a fence unless that fence will be used for “safety or as a barrier around a swimming pool.” You also need to confirm all property lines to ensure you install the fence on your property and not that of your neighbor.

Zoning & Homeowners Associations: Check with your homeowner’s association to determine if there are any rules and regulations related to fencing in your neighborhood. Also, keep in mind that some zoning requirements will not allow solid fences at corners where traffic visibility could be affected.

Research Your Options: There are so many different fence types, and some are easier to install and maintain than others. Vinyl fencing is quick to install because pieces just snap together, and it’s super easy to maintain. Aluminum fencing takes a little more time to install, but it’s also reasonably easy to maintain. Wiping both vinyl and aluminum fences every year minimizes buildup over time.

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