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Are you dreaming of an outdoor space to unwind away from prying eyes and noise? A privacy fence may be the key to finding peace and quiet in your Harrisonburg backyard. In this guide, we’re highlighting some of the top reasons why installing a privacy fence is a smart decision.


1. Enhance Freedom & Solitude

Imagine escaping into a private sanctuary—right in your own backyard. A privacy fence offers the luxury of unwinding with a cup of coffee or losing yourself in a good book, tucked away from curious neighbors and onlookers.

2. Elevate Safety & Security

The peace of mind that comes with increased security is priceless. Better protect your Harrisonburg home with a privacy fence, which serves as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders. Dutch Way privacy fencing is available in various heights to boost the effectiveness of your security.

3. Define Property Lines

A fence establishes clear boundaries for your Harrisonburg property. Whether you have an extensive estate or a cozy courtyard, fencing gives you greater control over your outdoor area, making it truly yours.

4. Reduce Noise

As the population in Harrisonburg grows, so do traffic and noise levels. A privacy fence acts as a shield against intrusive sounds, allowing you to enjoy and unwind in your outdoor space, even if you live in the center of the city! With premium interlocking panels, Dutch Way’s privacy fencing stays locked together for ultimate sound reduction.

5. Increase Property Value

Investing in a fence, particularly a low-maintenance, high-quality vinyl one, enhances curb appeal and increases overall property value. Dutch Way’s privacy fencing is available with several decorative top rail accent options, simply adding to the aesthetic charm and uniqueness of your home.

6. Keep Pets Secure

Your pets will be thrilled to roam freely in a secure backyard where they are safe from straying into harm’s way. Better yet, a privacy fence obstructs visibility, so your pets won’t bark at passersby, keeping you and your neighbors happy.


white vinyl privacy fence

Elevate Your Outdoor Living With A Vinyl Privacy Fence.

Dutch Way is pleased to offer premium vinyl fencing products thanks to our partnership with Superior Plastic Products, one of the leading names in vinyl fencing. These high-quality, low-maintenance vinyl fences are designed to withstand all weather conditions and are built with aluminum reinforcement channels to prevent sagging. Our vinyl fences come with one of the industry’s most robust warranties, so you can rest assured your privacy fence will last.

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Ready to transform your backyard into a private retreat? A privacy fence from Dutch Way will allow you to say farewell to nosy neighbors while enhancing the value of your home. Let’s get started!


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What Are My Options For Fences? 

When it comes to fences, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right fence for your Albemarle County property comes down to your unique needs and wants. If you’re asking yourself, “What kind of fence would be best for _____,” you’ve come to the right place. We’re taking a look at the best fence options for a variety of needs. 

Fences for Seclusion & Privacy

Your backyard is a private oasis where you can escape during your downtime. Achieving the peace of a secluded yard can be accomplished with the right privacy fence.

    • Wood Privacy Fence: Wood fences are a great option for homeowners on a budget due to their low initial cost. Keep in mind that you may have to sacrifice your weekends for upkeep because wood is susceptible to rot and splintering. 
    • Vinyl Privacy Fence: A vinyl privacy fence is one of the best investments you’ll make for your home. High-quality manufacturers assemble their vinyl privacy fences using interlocking panels that securely snap together. Plus, vinyl is made to last and will never require more than a simple hose-down to look great for decades. 

cambridge privacy vinyl fences

Enhance Pool Safety

Did you know that most states in the U.S. require some type of fence around a residential pool? Virginia is no exception. If your Albemarle County pool needs a fence, here are some suggestions.

    • Vinyl Privacy Fence: Privacy may be a must-have depending on your proximity to neighbors. Higher-end vinyl privacy fences are made with interlocking panels that won’t separate or gap.
    • Vinyl Picket Fence: Vinyl is one of the best choices for pool fencing due to its moisture resistence. You’ll never have to worry about warping and splintering.
    • Aluminum Fence: Aluminum metal fences boost security and blend in with their surroundings. The military-grade powder coating makes aluminum metal fences highly resistant to rust and damage.

3 rail fences

Establish Property Lines

If you have expansive acreage and want to create a boundary to contain livestock and deter trespassers, you need a cost-effective, low-maintenance fence:

    • Vinyl Split Rail Fence: Also known as post-and-rail fencing, this maintenance-free solution exudes rustic charm.

picket yard fences

Keep Kids & Pets Contained

Do you need fencing solely to keep the little ones and pets in the yard but aren’t concerned about privacy?

    • Chain Link Fence: Available at most big-box stores, chain link fences are low-cost and low-maintenance, but they detract from curb appeal. In fact, many HOAs don’t allow chain link fences because they are considered unsightly. 
    • Vinyl Picket Fence: Perhaps the most attractive option, a vinyl picket fence is charming and durable.
    • Vinyl Yard Fencing: This no-frills, economical solution will look good for decades and requires little upkeep.

aluminum fencing

Increase Security

Taller fences made of durable materials are best for security. They should also have open sightlines so intruders can’t hide behind them.

    • Chain Link Fence: Although chain link is unattractive, it is available with smaller openings between the mesh, making them difficult to climb. Adding barbed wire at the top increases security even more. 
    • Metal Fence: Ornamental wrought iron and aluminum fences are attractive options to boost security. Some are even available with curved, spiked, or diamond-topped designs.

picket and yard fencing

Boost Curb Appeal 

The white picket fence is synonymous with the American Dream for a reason. It symbolizes the tradition and simplicity of a well-kept suburban neighborhood. The picket fence is a lovely addition to landscaping and ultimately enhances the aesthetic of your Albemarle County home.

    • Vinyl Picket Fence: Available in endless colors and styles, vinyl picket fences withstand the elements and are virtually maintenance-free. 
    • Wooden Picket Fence: Although wood fences have a lower upfront cost and usually look great for the first few months, the time and money you’ll spend on upkeep may not make them the best choice. 


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Useful Tips & Important Facts About Adding A Privacy Fence in Charlottesville.

We’re all spending more time at home these days, so adding a privacy fence to your Charlottesville home can make good sense. Doing it right will make the difference between loving your new fence or hating it. Here are some tips and facts to ensure you love your new fence.

  • Code, Zoning & Permits: Make sure you check the specific code, zoning and permit requirements of your Charlottesville or Albemarle property. You don’t need a permit to build a fence in Albemarle County unless it’s around a pool, but certain HOAs may require you to ask permission and submit drawings before construction.
  • Talk To Neighbors & Know Your Boundaries: It’s a good idea to speak with your neighbors and research your property’s boundaries before you build a fence. Give them a heads-up, explain the fence placement, and be prepared to answer questions if they have any.
  • Know What You’re Getting: Privacy fences are typically taller than traditional fences. That height protects you from prying eyes, but it can also create a boxed-in feeling. Sometimes that can feel cozy, but it is an aspect to consider when building your fence. If you’ve got a great view that you don’t want to lose, you can leave some areas open or make them shorter to keep that mountain view.
  • Get Your Utilities Marked: Before you or your contractor starts digging, make sure you determine the location of underground utilities. Call Virginia811 or Miss Utility to schedule a visit to mark underground utilities so you can plan your project and dig appropriately.

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Dutch Way Fencing has served customers in the Shenandoah Valley and Central VA for decades. Our experienced team walks you through your options and provides dependable, qualified recommendations. Ready to learn more about building a Charlottesville privacy fence? Contact us today!

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We’ve Got The Info You Need For Your Albemarle County DIY Fencing Project.

Are you planning a DIY fencing project at your Albemarle County home? There are so many elements to consider when planning your project. Check out these helpful tips from your local fencing experts at Dutch Way:

Permits & Property Lines: Even the handiest homeowner may not realize the legal requirements for adding a fence to their property. In Albemarle County, you do not need a permit to build a fence unless that fence will be used for “safety or as a barrier around a swimming pool.” You also need to confirm all property lines to ensure you install the fence on your property and not that of your neighbor.

Zoning & Homeowners Associations: Check with your homeowner’s association to determine if there are any rules and regulations related to fencing in your neighborhood. Also, keep in mind that some zoning requirements will not allow solid fences at corners where traffic visibility could be affected.

Research Your Options: There are so many different fence types, and some are easier to install and maintain than others. Vinyl fencing is quick to install because pieces just snap together, and it’s super easy to maintain. Aluminum fencing takes a little more time to install, but it’s also reasonably easy to maintain. Wiping both vinyl and aluminum fences every year minimizes buildup over time.

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Dutch Way Fencing is Albemarle County and Charlottesville’s leading supplier for vinyl and aluminum fencing. We work with homeowners and contractors to provide top-notch products for their next project. Not sure if you want to install your fence? No problem. We offer comprehensive installation and can also refer you to reputable contractors in your area. Get started with a free estimate on your DIY fencing project!

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Your Guide To Aluminum Fences In The Shenandoah Valley.

Aluminum fences provide many benefits to Shenandoah Valley homeowners. Multiple features and long-lasting durability mean that aluminum should be at the top of your list if you’re thinking about adding or replacing your fence. Check out this quick guide with several of our favorite features and stop by and visit our showroom to see them in person.

Our Comprehensive Guide:

  • Economical: Aluminum fencing is an affordable option for your property. Many options eliminate the middle rail for an attractive and economical fence for your home.
  • Timeless: Traditional aluminum fencing looks similar to wrought iron fences without requiring time-consuming maintenance each year.
  • Durable: A thorough powder coating protects your aluminum fence from the sun, rain, heat and humidity so you can depend on your fence to last!
  • Customizable: We can customize your fence to meet your specific needs because our brand comes in multiple lengths, finishes, and colors. They also come with several different gate options. Choose polished black or textured bronze to complement your home.
  • Green: Aluminum can be recycled so if you ever choose to replace your fencing, you can feel good about your environmental footprint.
  • Multiple Styles: Each year, more styles come out to give homeowners options. Add ball caps to the posts, pickets, arches or quad tops to make your fence stand out!
  • Perfect For Pools: Aluminum fencing is an ideal choice to surround your inground pool. Key- Link’s line of aluminum fencing can meet most pool code requirements!

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Dutch Way Fencing is conveniently located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Out of our expansive showroom in Mt. Crawford, we display many of the vinyl and aluminum options that can define and distinguish your property. Stop by and see them in person and speak with one of our experienced sales professionals to get started looking at aluminum fences for your Shenandoah Valley home. Contact our team to schedule an appointment!

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