The Winchester Ornamental Aluminum Fences Guide To Defining Your Property.

We’re your source for Winchester ornamental aluminum fences to complement your home and budget. For more than thirty years, we’ve helped residential homeowners and commercial businesses find vinyl and aluminum fencing solutions that work. Whether you’re looking to add a decorative wrought iron look to your property or a utilitarian aluminum fence, our experienced team is your source for professional guidance from concept to installation. Here’s our ornamental aluminum fencing guide for interested homeowners:

  • The History: Decorative wrought iron fences defined the perimeter of historical homes during the Victorian era. In 1873, the White House had a wrought iron fence installed along the front of the property, cementing its popularity through the 19th century and into the 20th. Unfortunately, handmade wrought iron fencing is expensive and difficult to maintain. Ornamental aluminum fences are less expensive, more consistent, and easier to maintain, making them a smart replacement for wrought iron fencing.
  • The Benefits: There are so many reasons to choose an aluminum ornamental fence. Installers can adjust aluminum fencing to accommodate your property. From steep slopes to gentle valleys, we can easily retrofit an aluminum fence to fit your landscape. Aluminum is also cheaper to manufacture and less corrosive than wrought iron, making it a less expensive option that is more durable. With endless color and finish options, you can find one that complements your home and property.

Dutch Way Is Your Source For Key-Link Ornamental Aluminum Fences.

We proudly carry American-made Key-Link aluminum fencing out of our showroom and warehouse in Mt. Crawford, Virginia. Their affordable and dependable products provide a long-lasting investment in your property. Whether you hire us to install your fence, a local contractor, or do it yourself, we’re able to help you choose the right design and color for your home. Visit our showroom to talk to an experienced team member and get started transforming the look and feel of your property. We’re your first choice when looking for Winchester ornamental aluminum fences. Get started today!

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Googling “Fence Companies Near Me?” Why Are There So Many Options?

Have you been googling “fence companies near me” and seeing dozens of options within a 50-mile radius of Harrisonburg? The internet has allowed small and big businesses to promote themselves online, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming as a consumer. In Harrisonburg and Charlottesville, there are hundreds of suppliers, independent contractors, and good ole boys installing fences, and most of them are visible online. While we value that exposure, there’s still nothing quite like talking to somebody about their project and helping them wrap their head around the products and services we offer at Dutch Way. That’s why we created this guide to help homeowners choose the right fence company for them.

Our Quick Guide To Narrowing Down Your Options.

Hiring a contractor or supplier for any job is easier when you know the questions to ask. We recommend you start with this list:

  • Are You Insured? If you’re hiring somebody to build your fence, confirm that they’re insured. Otherwise, you might as well have just done it yourself. Their insurance should protect you if they screw up or if something unexpected happens. It also shows that they’re serious about their business and clients’ investment.
  • Who Pulls The Permit? If a permit is required, confirm that they’ll take care of submitting the drawings and paperwork to get approval from the city or county. There’s no point in hiring somebody else to do the work and then finding out you have to handle the legalities.
  • What Product Would You Use? This question is interesting because, if answered honestly, it can help you make an informed decision. Most installers and dealers have a brand, style, or material that they prefer over others. Ask the people who work with these materials daily which product they would choose for themselves. You won’t be sorry.

Stop By Our Showroom To See Your Options.

We invite you to come by our showroom to see the products, colors, and finishes available for your new fence. Our experienced team will walk you through the process, so you feel good about your investment. Now, do you feel more comfortable googling “fence companies near me?”

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Choosing A Harrisonburg Fence Company Is Easy When You Know What To Ask.

People usually think that choosing a fence company is easy. They think that one trip to a big-box store will provide all the information and options they need to start their project. For a select few, that may be the case. For most people, though, choosing the right material and installation takes time. We recommend you work with a business, like Dutch Way, that focuses primarily on fencing products and ask them these three questions to get started:

  • What Products Do You Recommend? There is a significant difference between this question and the question, “what products do you offer?” Established businesses with experience in their industry know the products that work and those that don’t. Whether you’re looking at vinyl or aluminum options, there are so many manufacturers from which to choose. A reputable and experienced fence company will help you navigate your options to make an informed decision.
  • What Does Your Quotation Include? Most experienced contractors provide written quotations that clearly list the services included in the job scope. When there is confusion, follow-up with the fence company. For example, ask these questions when the information is not detailed in the written quotation:
    • Does this quotation include the removal of an existing fence?
    • Will you apply for the permit, or do I need to?
    • Who needs to contact Miss Utility to identify areas with underground cables?
  • What Is Your Warranty? Warranties fall into two categories: manufacturers’ warranties and labor warranties. The fabricator of the product backs a manufacturer’s warranty. For example, Key-Link Fencing makes some of our aluminum products. They offer a lifetime warranty on their product and a 5-year prorated warranty on labor to replace the fence. Many contractors provide a 1-year labor warranty on their installation. Clarify these details before you hire your fence company.

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After decades of experience in the Shenandoah Valley, we have the skills and products you need to add beauty, privacy and security to your property. Contact our Harrisonburg fence company to get started.

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Harrisonburg DIY Homeowners Choose Dutch Way For Fencing Materials.

Choosing fencing materials can be a fun and exciting way to complement the architecture and style of your home. From vinyl fencing to aluminum, the materials available come with different looks and diverse price points. For do-it-yourselfers, make the smart choice and consider your options for ease of installation and care.

Tell Me About My Options.

Educating yourself is the best way to make an informed choice. Here are the primary options we think are worth considering:

Vinyl: Vinyl is a fantastic option to consider. It’s durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance. It will meet the contours of your landscaping and custom sections are available.
Aluminum: Aluminum fencing can look super high-end and elevate your home’s exterior. Plus, its available in multiple colors. Most styles available in 6’ or 8’ sections.

Both vinyl and aluminum fencing look great and provide a durable option for homeowners in Virginia. Unlike wood, you don’t have to worry about either option rotting or being eaten by bugs.

Dutch Way Supplies Building Materials For Fencing In Virginia.

When you’re researching materials, visit the area’s leading experts at Dutch Way Fencing to learn more about the options that work best for your property. Our spacious showroom gives you the opportunity to touch and feel the options worth considering. Experienced consultants walk you through your options, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Contact a member of our team to learn more!

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A Vinyl Fence Is A Low Maintenance Option.

When you’re in the market for a new fence, keep maintenance to a minimum with an easy to clean vinyl fence. Wood fencing requires frequent maintenance to resist water damage and bugs. A vinyl fence is easily wiped down with a simple solution of Clorox and water to get it sparkling clean. Dutch Way is the area’s leading distributor and installer of vinyl fencing in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. After years in the industry, we know a thing or two about fencing.

Our Tips For Maintaining Your Vinyl Fence.

Keeping your vinyl fence looking brand new takes a few tips and a little elbow grease. Here’s our guide to choosing and keeping your vinyl fence in tip-top shape:

  • Color: Choose the color of your fence wisely. While a white fence is picture perfect, it shows more wear and dirt than an almond or tan fence. Plus, an almond fence looks beautifully rustic in the Shenandoah Valley.
  • Pressure Wash: Invest in a decent pressure washer to clean your fence yearly! Add it to your spring cleaning list.
    Diluted Cleansers Work Best: For stubborn mold stains, blend gentle soap or a small amount of clorox and water and scrub with a gentle brush.

Always review the manufacturer’s guide prior to starting any cleaning or maintenance program to ensure you maintain the warranty on your fence.

Visit Our Showroom To See Your Options.

We have different options, styles, and colors on display in our showrooms in Mt. Crawford and Stuarts Draft, VA. Swing by and check it out or call to set-up a free estimate. Our experienced team walks you through the process to ensure you have all the elements necessary to build a fence requiring minimal maintenance. Whether we install it or you do, we have the tools to get the job done!

Are You Ready For A New Vinyl Fence?

A Privacy Fence Keeps Nosy Neighbors At Bay.

Do you want to enjoy your backyard without having to worry about meddlesome neighbors? A privacy fence is just the element necessary to create a backyard oasis for friends and family. Vinyl fences are an attractive option to border your yard and separate your home. Coordinated colors and textures complement your home and help maintain its value.

Selecting The Right Option Means Talking To Experts.

There are so many fencing options on the market and choosing the option that coordinates with the architecture and style of your home can be challenging. That’s where the experts come in! Visit local supply houses and check out showrooms to discuss your options with professionals. They’ll talk you through the details so you feel comfortable making decisions. Check out this list we put together of questions to expect when you’re ready to get a quotation on your fence:

  • Why A Fence? Is the fence specifically for privacy or is it to keep pets and children in your yard? Think about your expectations so you’re ready to define them when asked.
  • What Color? Do you want your fence to stand out or blend in? For instance, a white fence stands out against green yards while a soft tan blends into the landscape.
  • What’s My Budget? Put together a rough idea of how much you’re willing to spend on your fence. Feel free to share that with your sales person. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction to the product consistent with your budget.

Dutch Way Fencing Is Your Harrisonburg Fencing Expert!

We’ve been quoting, selling, and installing fencing in Virginia since 1995. Our professional team works with clients to create custom fencing solutions to coordinate with their landscape. Whether you just purchase your supplies from us or hire us for the installation, we are your source for vinyl fencing know-how.

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Decorative Fencing Accessorizes Your Home.

Aluminum fencing allows you to define your space, without obstructing the views. It is a more attractive and higher-end option than traditional, chain link fencing. Not only does it look good, but it’s a great safety option for those with a pool or shared boundary. Contact a member of Dutch Way’s team to learn more!

Choose The Design And Color That Matches Your Architecture.

You can achieve a traditional look like a wrought iron fence without having to worry about excessive maintenance. Dutch Way has multiple color and style options to match any decor and meet your budget. Our projects vary from traditional colonial fencing to contemporary and modern options. Our team has the experience to provide sound recommendations to complement your home’s exterior.

Dutch Way Offers Custom Installation.

Dutch Way has all the tools to make your new fence fit your property. We custom fit all our fences onsite so that they match the boundary of your space and highlight your home’s exterior. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

We Partner With Manufacturers That Stand Behind Their Product.

Our American made vendor, Key Link Fencing and Railing, is a leader in the industry of top-quality aluminum fencing products. They offer a Lifetime Warranty that will give you peace of mind that your fence will be around for many years to come. Visit our showroom to see samples of our work or visit our gallery!

Dutch Way’s Expertise Makes Your Project Easy!

Our team is knowledgeable of all fencing materials and their benefits and disadvantages. We can help you choose the option that meets your needs and budget and can meet you in our showroom or at your home! Our installation services allow you to feel confident that your project will be completed in a professional manner.

Dutch Way Has The Newest Decking Finishes Available.

  • Tropical Hardwoods Collection: The Tropical Hardwoods Collection from Wolf Home Products comes in five finishes to match the style and decor of your home. From the warm tones of Amberwood to the coolness of Driftwood Gray, Dutch Way’s team helps you capture the aesthetics of your outdoor space by walking you through each step or the project.
  • Seaside Collection: If you want your deck to feel like a tropical getaway, the Seaside Collection captures the breezy warmth of the beach.
  • Island Collection: Do you like the richness of Mahogany or the warmth of the sun on a piece of wood? The Island Collection from Wolf Home Products can give you that exotic feeling right in your own backyard.

Whether your home is a traditional Colonial or contemporary bungalow, we have products that meet your aesthetic. Our projects speak for themselves.

Wolf’s 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty On Staining And Fading Delivers Peace Of Mind.

You want your deck to last for years through different seasons. At Dutch Way, we are committed to using products fully backed by warranties. Wolf’s PVC Decking and Composite Decking has an industry leading 25 year warranty on staining and fading. The Extended Wolf Pro Labor Warranty adds to that security and can be added to any project you purchase. After a history of 21 years in business, we know how important your investment is to your family and the value of your home. As a member of your community, we value your experience and for choosing Dutch Way.

Trust Professional Installation For Secure Decking That Meets Safety Standards And Building Codes.

Why worry about finding and trusting a stranger with your investment? We can quote, order, deliver and install your new deck efficiently and honestly. Our team is versed on the latest trends and styles and can guide you through the entire project from start to finish. Your testimonials form the foundation of our business.

Chain link fence is common used around parking lots or other commercial areas, but is it a good choice for your home? Below are 3 reasons we prefer to build with high performance vinyl or aluminum materials instead of a standard chain link fence.

1. Chain link fences don’t last as long as vinyl or aluminum fences.

When choosing materials for your new fence installation, durability and longevity are two of the most important factors. High performance vinyl and aluminum fences are built to stand the test of time and endure the Valley’s climate. They’re not susceptible to damage from moisture or insects either!

2. Vinyl and aluminum are much better looking and offer more privacy than a chain link fence.

Matching your new fence with the style of your home adds curb appeal and increases your property value. Vinyl fences have tons of color options and offer the most privacy with their no-gap design. If you don’t need the privacy of a no-gap vinyl fence, ornamental aluminum fences offer unique designs and a beautiful style without obstructing your view.

3. Chain link fences can rust.

Chain link fences are made of metal which can rust after years of exposure to weather and erosion. Even galvanized metal fences that are designed to last longer can still rust over time. Vinyl and aluminum fences will never rust! They are built to withstand the elements and require no maintenance beyond the occasional rinse with the hose if they are dirty.

What fence material is right for you?

When choosing fence materials, it’s important to think about why you’re installing a fence in the first place. If privacy is your top concern, a no-maintenance gapless vinyl fence is the most logical choice. If you’re adding a pool fence but still want to be able to see the kids swimming, an ornamental aluminum fence will look great and maintain visibility.

If you’re considering building a new fence on your property, it’s important to ask prospective contractors the right questions. We’ve come up with a list of questions to ask your soon-to-be fence company to make sure they’re a perfect fit for your needs.

1. Can you tell me about the quality of your fence materials?

Strong and durable fences are built with high quality materials. Ask your fence company what brands or manufacturers materials they are using and if there are any warranties on materials.

2. Do you use aluminum stiffeners to prevent sagging?

An stiffener is a strong, lightweight aluminum insert that is used to reinforce fence posts or railings. In order to maintain the strength of your privacy or yard fence and prevent sagging, we always install aluminum stiffeners to strengthen the bottom rail of fences we build.

3. Will you use concrete to set fence posts?

Concrete should be used for all vinyl, aluminum and chain link fence installations. The taller the fence, the deeper the posts need to be set. It’s important that posts are set in concrete in order to maintain the strength and structure over time.

4. How long have you been in the fence business?

A fence company that has been in business for a long time will have more experienced workers and knowledge of materials and techniques. Dutch Way has been proudly serving customers in the Valley since 1995.

5. Are you properly licensed and insured?

Dealing with a licensed and insured fence company protects you from shoddy work. It also ensures that you have proper legal resources in the event of any disputes or injuries to workers on your property.

Dutch Way is a licensed, insured fence company with over 20 years in the business.

If you’re thinking about building a new fence, trust a fence company with a great reputation and over 20 years of experience in the Valley. Call us today for a completely free estimate! 1-888-467-6310.