How To Install Vinyl Railing.

vinyl railing

Our Vinyl Railing Guide For Staunton & Harrisonburg DIYers.

Installing vinyl railing is something many Staunton and Harrisonburg handy homeowners can do themselves. The most important recommendation that we can make is to read the instructions thoroughly before getting started. Use this guide to determine if your skills are ready for a project of this scope. Here’s a simple guide to installing vinyl railing at home:

  1. Order The Right Material: Vinyl railing can be installed in wood or concrete and you need to order the right version for it to work. Determine your material and place your order with our professional representatives.
  2. Installing The Supports: Once you’ve received your order, it’s time to get started with the installation. Attach supports between your railing and home using the mounting brackets provided. You want to place them slightly below the top rail and slightly above the bottom rail. This is the vertical support for your railing.
  3. Installing The Posts: Drill a hole through the wood or concrete floor and set the support base into the flooring. Set the steel post into that baseplate and then fully attach the base with four more holes drilled into the floor. Set the decorative sleeve over the mounting brackets. Install the next post for this section to connect the balusters.
  4. Installing The Balusters: Insert all the balusters between these two posts and secure them using the top railing. Then, simply press down on the top railing over the first post and secure it to the second post.
  5. Finish Up: Continue with the installation, remembering to mount those vertical supports to the other side of the vinyl railing.

Not Up To The Task? We’ve Got You Covered.

At Dutch Way, we work with DIYers, contractors and homeowners to provide quality vinyl railing in the Staunton and Harrisonburg communities. Sometimes a job is too big to handle alone, which is why we offer turnkey installation for all the products we sell. Simply contact us or visit our showroom to get started adding vinyl railing to your home or business.

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