Dutch Way provides high-quality vertical cable deck railing that will withstand the test of time. Learn why it’s worth the investment.

A New Deck Railing Will Refresh Your Rockingham County Home.

Is your deck feeling outdated and in need of a change? Does your rickety deck railing have you concerned about the safety of your outdoor space? Perhaps a new deck railing for your Rockingham County home is in store.

Replacing Your Deck Railing Is Quick & Easy.

With new innovations in railing designs and materials, updating your railing can be done in just an afternoon and can take years off the appearance of your deck. Replacing a deck railing is a great project for DIY homeowners because many railings are simple to install using the infrastructure of your existing railing system.

Selecting The Perfect Railing.

When choosing a new deck railing for your Rockingham County home, you should consider the type of railing that compliments your lifestyle. Do you want an unobstructed view? Is safety a high priority for pets and children? The best railing will synchronize your needs with your surroundings. Here are some of our top railing trends:

image of white vinyl deck railing with square black balusters

Mixed Materials

Perhaps one of our favorite new trends, a mixed material railing is an easy way to customize the look of your deck. A white vinyl railing with square black balusters adds a modern farmhouse style. With so many colors and material variations, your railing will be one-of-a-kind.


image of aluminum deck railing with cable infill on interior staircase

Cable Infill

Adding cable infill to an aluminum railing improves sightlines and seriously boosts the contemporary style of your deck. An elegant choice for both interior and exterior applications, cable infill can be installed vertically or horizontally, giving you maximum control over the design of your railing.


image of black aluminum deck railing with square balusters

Metal Railing

For a straightforward way to update the look of your deck, a metal railing is a great option. Metal railings are sturdy, durable, and low maintenance. Their minimalistic appearance recedes into the background and blends well with various building materials.


Composite Decks Can Also Benefit From A Railing Update.

Although composite or PVC decking is made to last a lifetime, a new railing system is an easy way to update the look of your existing deck. Deck railing manufacturers like Superior Plastic Products and Key-Link Fencing & Railing continue to design high-quality new product lines that will not only add contemporary style, but are simpler for a DIYer to install.

Time For A Total Overhaul?

Starting from scratch? Building a deck is not only labor intensive, but you’ll need to follow proper procedures when it comes to Rockingham County building codes and permits. Why not let Dutch Way’s team of deck builders handle the heavy lifting? We carry a wide range of composite decking materials and stylish deck railings to design and build a one-of-a-kind outdoor entertainment space for your family. Let’s get started today!

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Reflect Your Modern Style With Contemporary Cable Railing From Dutch Way.

Key-Link Fencing and Railing’s horizontal and vertical cabling is a railing option that virtually disappears, allowing the beautiful view of the Shenandoah Valley to take precedence over metal balusters. You can choose from either horizontal or vertical cabling. With seven different colors, you can go super contemporary with Gloss White or cool and minimalist with Silver. Dutch Way’s design team can help you choose what works best for your home.

Show Off Your Amazing Views With Horizontal Cable Railing.

Worried your house isn’t modern enough for cable railing? Horizontal cable railing can look equally appropriate in a rustic, mountaintop home where the views rein supreme. Choose one of the Textured finishes, like Textured Bronze to create an earthy complement to natural grain woods and paint tones. With the right colors, you can make horizontal cable railing work well almost anywhere! When in doubt, check out our gallery for more ideas and contact a member of our team for their design expertise.

Let Professional Installers Build A Secure, Seamless Deck.

Dutch Way is proud to have qualified installers on staff that can make your dreams a reality. With the high-end contemporary cable railing, installation is quick. Key-Link cable railing is a smart and economical option to add value and style to your home. Working with Dutch Way is easy and smart.

Dutch Way Relies On Fully Warranted Products You Can Count On.

Dutch Way is proud to partner with KeyLink Fencing and Railing to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products. That means peace of mind for you and a solid investment in your home. As members of the same community, we want you to depend on us to create an outdoor living space that will last the test of time.

Dutch Way Fencing’s PVC Railing and Aluminum Balusters Create a Classic Complement to Your Home.

Do you love the traditional feel of old wrought iron fencing that surrounds old churches and Victorian homes? Are you scared of the upkeep necessary to maintain their luster? You’re not alone. Dutch Way is proud to carry PVC railing and Black Classic Balusters. With these options, you can get the look you want with less time dedicated to maintaining them. Contact a member of our team to see all of our options!

Unique Design Options Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic.

You can complement their White, Almond, and Clay railing options with Black Balusters and several different post caps. Dutch Way offers a design to meet your aesthetic. With multiple price points, there’s bound to be something within your budget that will add to the value of your home. Contact a member of our team to learn more!

Dutch Way’s Expertise Leads You To The Best Design.

At Dutch Way, we have an experienced team knowledgeable of the styles and trends that work with different architecture and home design. Whether you live in a Colonial or Mid-Century Modern home, our expertise will help you make the right decision. Visit one of our two locations today or schedule an onsite visit by a member of our team. We can provide design services and quote the installation. Let us make your project go smoothly and quickly.

PVC Railing And Aluminum Balusters Are Easy To Maintain.

Unlike wrought iron railing, you don’t have to strip, paint, or preserve PVC Railing. PVC Railing is impervious to moisture, will not mold or mildew, rot, split or warp. It’s a strong and durable option for homeowners that maintain their own home and want beauty and style without the fuss of traditional wrought iron railing.