How Do I Choose From All The Fence Companies Near Me?

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Googling “Fence Companies Near Me?” Why Are There So Many Options?

Have you been googling “fence companies near me” and seeing dozens of options within a 50-mile radius of Harrisonburg? The internet has allowed small and big businesses to promote themselves online, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming as a consumer. In Harrisonburg and Charlottesville, there are hundreds of suppliers, independent contractors, and good ole boys installing fences, and most of them are visible online. While we value that exposure, there’s still nothing quite like talking to somebody about their project and helping them wrap their head around the products and services we offer at Dutch Way. That’s why we created this guide to help homeowners choose the right fence company for them.

Our Quick Guide To Narrowing Down Your Options.

Hiring a contractor or supplier for any job is easier when you know the questions to ask. We recommend you start with this list:

  • Are You Insured? If you’re hiring somebody to build your fence, confirm that they’re insured. Otherwise, you might as well have just done it yourself. Their insurance should protect you if they screw up or if something unexpected happens. It also shows that they’re serious about their business and clients’ investment.
  • Who Pulls The Permit? If a permit is required, confirm that they’ll take care of submitting the drawings and paperwork to get approval from the city or county. There’s no point in hiring somebody else to do the work and then finding out you have to handle the legalities.
  • What Product Would You Use? This question is interesting because, if answered honestly, it can help you make an informed decision. Most installers and dealers have a brand, style, or material that they prefer over others. Ask the people who work with these materials daily which product they would choose for themselves. You won’t be sorry.

Stop By Our Showroom To See Your Options.

We invite you to come by our showroom to see the products, colors, and finishes available for your new fence. Our experienced team will walk you through the process, so you feel good about your investment. Now, do you feel more comfortable googling “fence companies near me?”

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