The Top 3 DIY Tips From Your Local Fence Company.

Vinyl Fencing

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Are you tackling spring projects and thinking about building a fence? We get it. As a Charlottesville fence company with a long history selling and installing vinyl and aluminum products in VA, we’ve got some tips to help you do it right the first time:

  • Research & Plan: By reading this blog, you’re well on your way to building your own fence. We also recommend you look into city or county ordinances and your homeowner’s association to determine if you need a permit to build your fence or if there are any material or color restrictions. Getting this information early in the process gives you time to submit paperwork for permits and order the right materials. Now is also a good time to contact Miss Utility or any gas suppliers who might have tanks or cables buried underground. They’ll typically mark those locations for free so you know where not to dig.
  • Rent Equipment: It may sound like a great workout to dig each fence post by hand, but it gets old quickly. It can also make your project take significantly longer. We recommend renting some equipment to expedite the process. You can rent from the local hardware store and the time savings makes it worth the investment.
  • Use A Level: This may sound like common sense, but it isn’t for some people. As a fence company with years of experience replacing old fences, we’ve seen many that are not level. It may not look obvious at the beginning, but once each panel is installed, it’s much more visible.

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We enjoy serving diverse customers; like DIYers, contractors working with customers, and homeowners looking to hire us to build their fence. We believe that there is plenty of work for all of us and enjoy the variation these different customers provide. Ready to learn more from your local Charlottesville fence company? Give us a call or visit us in Mt. Crawford.

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