Showcase Your Shenandoah Valley Home with Rustic Cable Railing.

Showcase Your Shenandoah Valley Home with Rustic Cable Railing.

Rustic cable railing adds a beautiful, earthy element to homes in Virginia. When you’re looking for an element to distinguish your home, vertical cable railing might be just the feature to set your home apart from and above the rest. When you’re ready to consider options for your home, check out the pros and cons of cable railing:

The Pros:

  • The View: Vertical cables are so thin that they virtually disappear. Minimalist cable creates an unobtrusive view and lets you take advantage of the Shenandoah Valley’s beautiful scenery.
  • Installation Options: Vertical cable railing can be installed with solid wood, vinyl, or aluminum posts. This gives you control over the cost of your final project and gets you the look you want.
  • Maintenance Is Minimal: Since most cables are made of stainless steel, they require very little maintenance and will last for years!

The Cons:

  • Modern Design: Stainless steel cable railing tends to take on a more contemporary look compared to most other options. That being said, it can look fantastic in rustic settings with bronze posts. Don’t be scared!
  • Adjustments: You will most likely have to adjust the tension of your cable railing over time. This is fairly easy but requires some maintenance.

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