Dutch Way Fence company creates Harrisonburg’s first gated community!

Dutch Way fence company partners with The Commons to create Harrisonburg’s first gated community.

Harrisonburg is home to many student subdivisions that provide affordable housing close to James Madison University. The Commons American Campus Community is upgrading safety for their residents through creating Harrisonburg’s first gated community. Dutch Way is proud to offer their expertise in custom fencing solutions to the project.

The gated community solution amplifies safety for residents.

Upon completion, the entirety of The Commons will be fenced with gated access. Strictly controlled entry for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians is offered to residents via small transponders that will operate the gates at a touch. Safety increases when only residents and authorized guests can enter the community. Gated communities typically experience low crime rates and a heightened sense of community from their restricted access and exclusivity.

Dutch Way collaborates with city agencies to offer The Commons a reliable custom solution.

From the initial conversation with the management team at The Commons, Dutch Way has been dedicated to drafting a custom solution that works for both The Commons and Harrisonburg City. Dutch Way is working with The Commons, Harrisonburg City Council, and Emergency Services, to design to code the best fencing and gate system for this gated community.  Being the first gated community in Harrisonburg, the design and installation will set the standard for future gated communities built in the city. Dutch Way fence company’s commitment to top-quality products and expert design and installation are leading the way in maximizing safety for this gated community and those to come.